What is a "Shoe Project"?

Every year we arrange in partnership with humanitarian organizations a “Shoe Project” in a particular country. We only work with foundations that have strong roots to the country that knows its needs well.

So far we have donated more than 10,000 shoes through our "Shoe Projects" with hopes to open the current generation of children to new opportunities and ultimately a better chance for the entire community. All our production is based on the local needs of the community using sustainable materials.

Our shoe projects implement a 3-step process:

Support local economy: 

We only employ local producers to make our shoes.

Hand delivery of shoes: 

We match all shoe purchases made that year and personally deliver the locally made shoes to a community.

Long-term growth support: 

Once implemented, we continually invest in education and healthcare to help break the poverty cycle. 

Since 2009, the Twins for Peace team has donated shoes in Brazil, Mozambique, Colombia, India and Tanzania.


Shoe projects